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Nia DaCosta has chosen a side in the debate over which Avenger’s decision ultimately led to Thanos’ success – and her finger is pointed directly at Captain America.

In a recent interview with Roxane Gay for Reverse, the wonders the director discussed the nature (and connection between) unintentional martyrs in her recent horror film Candy and in the superhero genre. While DaCosta argues that the unwitting martyr that is Candyman is a hero, “especially in the way we tweaked his lore a bit in my movie,” she sees Captain America’s role in Thanos’ mission as more in the sense of wickedness.

“Something I like to say a bit casually about Captain America is that the Snap is all his fault because he was trying to do his best, trying to do the right thing. has a world he’s a villain in because in the end he should have sacrificed Vision, ”she said.

Some fans have pointed to the decisions made by characters like Doctor Strange, Star-Lord or even Gamora as the only moment that allowed Thanos’ genocidal plan to unfold in Avengers: Infinity War. But DaCosta sides with those who have criticized the Vision decisions of characters like Wanda Maximoff and, in the director’s case, Captain America.

“He chose the life of a robot, albeit a sensitive one, over literally the entire universe,” DaCosta said. “There’s some kind of anti-hero in there if you want to look at him through that lens. People would say I’m crazy to think of it that way, but there is something about the journey of the antihero and the hero.

The wonders the director ends her answer by explaining exactly what she thinks is the difference between a hero and an anti-hero. “The pain of the hero is something that makes them martyr themselves,” she adds, “and the pain of an antihero is something that kind of begins their journey rather than ends it.”

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