This is Chris Pratt’s worst movie, according to 1 in 4 people

Chris Pratt’s second worst film, with 20.48% of the vote, is 2012’s “The Five-Year Engagement,” the first film on the list in which Pratt is not the lead actor. Starring Emily Blunt and Jason Segel, who also co-wrote the romantic comedy, “The Five-Year Engagement” features Pratt in a supporting role playing Alex, whose marriage and children help delay the main couple’s nuptials. The film was budgeted at $ 30 million and earned almost double at the box office (via Mojo ticket office). Although survey participants found the film to be lacking, critics disagreed, giving it a respectable 64% favorable rating on Rotten tomatoes.

With 24.58% (almost a quarter) of the votes, “Delivery Man”, released in 2013, is the film surveyed judged as Chris Pratt’s worst film. The romantic comedy stars Vince Vaughn as David Wozniak, a sperm donor who learns that his anonymous donations have helped create more than 500 children. When many children sue the fertility clinic in an attempt to learn their father’s identity, Dave hires Chris Pratt’s Brett to fight the lawsuit.

Looper’s survey results reflect the opinion of critics on “Delivery Man,” which has a paltry 40% critical approval rating on Rotten tomatoes. However, even with bad reviews, “Delivery Man” still managed to make a decent box office profit, making just over $ 53 million worldwide (via Mojo ticket office).

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