The superhero comedy that ruined Jamie Kennedy’s career

Happening more than a decade after Jim Carrey’s “The Mask” – which was itself a lighter adaptation of the violent Dark Horse comics that inspired him – the 2005 film “Son of the Mask” starred Kennedy As Tim Avery, an animator who stumbles upon the magical mask from the first film, and all transformed by it, conceives baby Alvey with his wife, Tonya (Traylor Howard). Things predictably get complicated when Tim finds out that Alvey was born with the powers of the mask. This leads the legendary God of Evil, Loki (Alan Cumming) – under pressure from his father Odin (Bob Hoskins) – to get involved, and Loki will do anything to get the mask back, hunting down Alvey.

Unfortunately for Kennedy (and really for anyone involved in the film), “Son of the Mask” turned out to be a critical and financial flop. It grossed $ 59 million worldwide on a budget of $ 84 million (via Mojo ticket office) and was ripped apart by movie critics, getting an abysmal 6% rotten rating on Rotten tomatoes, many directly criticizing Jamie Kennedy himself. Scott Tobias of Club AV, for example, wrote that “extensive market research undoubtedly shows that there is an audience for films like Son Of The Mask, but it is too depressing to speculate who that might be. The bad reviews Kennedy received hit the actor hard and ultimately inspired him to make a 2007 documentary, “Heckler,” about confronting critics, based on how he personally thought critics l ‘had targeted.

Kennedy worked steadily as a comedian and stand-up actor for the next sixteen years, but “Son of the Mask” ultimately ended his career as a leading man.

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