The Scariest Ghost Stories of 2021 on Coast to Coast Radio

When you listen to “Coast to Coast AM” on 1240 KLYQ Radio. you’ll hear a wide variety of stories that you won’t hear on mainstream news channels. There is a wide variety of UFO incidents, as well as strange mental behaviors and messages from the beyond. There are the Bigfoot sightings and the long-standing mysteries that always bring a lot of opinions from listeners on the phone.

The folks at Coast to Coast AM have rounded up their best “scariest” ghost stories into a top ten year-end list for 2021 on their website. We’ll list the topics, and if you dare, you can dig a little deeper into them online. And you can decide for yourself what you think is the scariest. Sweet dreams!

  • “Ghost Pants” filmed? A video of pants running along a road.
  • “Ghost Removes Dog Collar” in video that went viral with over 13 million views.
  • “Jogger and Ghost in Singapore” in a haunted park, where a jogger passed a person on a bench and heard their name.
  • “Ghostly Figure in a Nursing Home” is a video of a retirement home that has been closed for 5 years.
  • “Ohio Cop Encounters Ghost Girl” where the figure of a little girl suddenly disappears.
  • “Haunted Doll in Australia” is the story of an “unlucky” doll found on a swing in Lucinda, Australia.
  • “Ghost Pulls Girl Under Bed” is a video that looks like it came straight out of the movies.
  • “Ghost Hunter Falls Through Roof” is one of several ghost hunting videos Coast to Coast received in 2021.
  • “Ghost Attacks Security Guard” hails from the country of Colombia, with the city’s mayor trying to calm the locals down.
  • Coast to Coast AM is heard every night from midnight to 5 a.m. on 1240 KLYQ AM Radio and on, with this mobile phone app.

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