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In 1997, it was announced that musician Rob Zombie would make his directorial debut with an entry in the Crow franchise which would be called The Raven: 2037. That didn’t happen and the first Zombie movie ended up being House of 1000 corpses a few years later, but luckily Zombie’s screenplay wrote for The Raven: 2037 is readily available, allowing us to delve into the story he designed and the vision he had for the world of Crow in the new episode of our video series The Horror Movie That Almost Was. Find out in the integration above!

As reported by Variety in 97, the story of Zombie begins in

2010, when a young boy and his mother are murdered on Halloween night by a satanic priest. A year later, the boy was resurrected as the Raven. Twenty-seven years later, and unaware of his past, he has become a bounty hunter on a collision course with his now almighty killer.

Edward Pressman and Jeff Most were going to produce the film, with Zombie manager Andy Gould executive producer. Zombie also plans to compose the score with Charlie Clouser.

The Horror movie that was almost the series focuses on

the various horror projects that never seem to get things going, whether over budget issues, creative differences, or just an ever-changing Hollywood landscape. We dive into every aspect and see how close these films have come to rotating cameras.

This episode was written, narrated and edited by Tyler Nichols, produced by John Fallon and produced by Berge Garabedian.

I kind of wish The Raven: 2037 had been made, because I think it would have been a very interesting and unique take on the concept. It would be easy for Zombie to remove the Crow elements and make it an original that I would always be happy to watch.

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