The London Underground horror film so scary its posters were banned

There are a lot of weird stories about the London Underground. Enough that even the most balanced of us would be afraid in quiet resorts late at night.

There are good reasons for us to be afraid.

Many people have died on the London Underground, either in accidents or being killed on the tracks and the tunnels themselves crisscross layers of earth filled with the skeletons of dead Londoners.

But sometimes things get even weirder.

Like the time in 2005 when a young woman named Kate fell asleep after a late night office party at Charing Cross station while she was waiting for a train.

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She woke up alone and felt completely lost and started to panic.

When the train arrived, she got on, relieved. But then his nightmare really began.

The train stopped in the tunnel and the lights went out.

Frightened, she met a man called Guy who had followed her out of the party and whose awkward advances she refused. Guy attempted to brutally rape her, only to be stopped by a stranger who dragged him off the train.

Guy returned moments later covered in blood and warned Kate to run for her life.

Kate naturally ran away, then suddenly came across a homeless Scottish couple living in an underground storage room, Jimmy and Mandy, and their dog Ray. Jimmy joked to the already terrified Kate about a strange man who had been around the London Underground killing homeless people.

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Kate finally realized this was a horrific truth when she encountered the man called the “Creep” – a deranged cannibalistic hermit who preyed on stray people and workers on the subway.

She later found Guy, horribly mutilated but still alive, then Mandy was attacked and kidnapped.

Running for her life, Kate fell into the sewage system below, where she encountered the “Creep” otherwise known as Craig – a mad doctor who kept her victims in semi-submerged cages and infested with rats until they died, after which he ate them.

We won’t ruin the ending for you, but that kind of terror of course only happens when a movie is set on the London Underground. In this case, the 2005 horror film Creep.

It has become a legendary film set on the canon of films and series set on the London Underground including Death Line, Quatermass and Neverwhere.

In fact, Creep was considered so scary that the advertising poster which depicted an underground train with a bloody hand scraping the window was banned from all London Underground stations.

But strangely, it was allowed on Overground stations …

Producer Julie Bain said at the time: “It’s a bit ridiculous. It’s fiction, not a documentary. The Underground has posters for horror movies all the time. The thought was because that it was a bloody hand, people looking at it would be concerned.

“The funny thing is that they [London Underground] were very, very helpful for the shoot which lasted about three weeks. “

If you haven’t seen Creep, it’s not for the faint hearted, but it shows exactly why the London Underground is such a truly fantastic and terrifying setting for a horror movie!

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