The horror thriller is inspired by real life

For Michigan-born filmmaker Nicholas Holland, “An Intrusion” – the story of a man whose sins come back to haunt him through a series of home and property invasions – is a mixture of fiction and a heavy dose. of real inspiration. .

“The story came to me as I was both working backwards from the climax and living in the midst of a rather unpleasant divorce and needed to write about the emotions of family breakdown Holland, who owns Diamond Dead Media and directed the film, said via email. . “I had this idea of ​​what sounded like two distinctly different narratives in two distinctly different films colliding, and decided I wanted to crush the train of a character drama into a dark, gritty thriller.”

He doesn’t mind that the film is released today rather than Halloween, a season inevitably tied to horror and thriller movies.

“I was so focused on completing and releasing the film that I would have been happy with any part of the year,” he says. “Considering that the film is set during the holiday season and is about the depressing notion of ‘starting over’ every new year, I’m actually quite happy with its release during the holiday season.”

Holland is also happy with the early feedback on the film.

“I was not only thrilled with the audience reaction to those first screenings, but it exceeded all expectations because I tried to keep my head out of the clouds and didn’t go.”

Angelina Danielle Cama, who plays Rebecca, the daughter of main character Sam Hodges, is also “super excited” by the project. Her previous credits include a horror film she co-produced; a sci-fi thriller and an action / crime thriller. She admits that she is drawn to these adrenaline pumps. “’An Intrusion’ is a story that is definitely one of my favorites,” she says.

She thinks the audience will be interested in Holland’s film.

“And the twists and turns are mind-blowing. When I first read the script, I was really surprised,” she recalls. “And that made me even more excited to be a part of this production. I hope people appreciate it for the thrill it is and enjoy the cinematic choices.”

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