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Creating a better sequel than the original, especially when the original is already a top-notch movie, is undoubtedly a difficult task. Sometimes the goal is just to keep a franchise relevant, while other times they’re all about reviving a declining franchise (Hint: Star Wars).

Sometimes screenwriters fall back on old storylines and re-use them with a certain twist. Other times, studios bet on visual and sound effects to attract moviegoers to theaters.

Of course, sometimes filmmakers are right in creating top-notch sequels. 24/7 Tempo has identified the 25 best sequels of all time based on reviews and audience ratings on the Internet Movie Database and Rotten Tomatoes.

Some of the best sequels ever made are also among the greatest movies ever made – “The Dark Knight”, “The Godfather: Part II” and each of the Toy Story sequels are such examples. Sequels that are better than the original build on what fans already know and love about the characters.

Most of the movies on this sequels list are science fiction. All but a few are action-packed movies. But there is another genre of film that Hollywood does well: biopics. Here are the 50 best movies made about real people.

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To determine the best and worst movie suites, 24/7 Tempo has developed an index based on several metrics from the Internet Movie Database and Rotten Tomatoes. The index is a composite of the films’ IMDb rating, the Rotten Tomatoes audience score, and the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer score. All scores have been weighted equally. Only films with at least 20,000 reviews on IMDb and 2,000 ratings on Rotten Tomatoes were considered. The data was collected in mid-March 2021. Additional data on national box office and production budgets per film comes from industry data site The Numbers.

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