Summary of Entertainment News: Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Marks Bloody Debut at $ 50.3 Million, ‘The Last Duel’ Bombs; Red light, green money: Squid Game helps revive Indonesian cafes and more

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Box office: ‘Halloween Kills’ marks bloody debut at $ 50.3 million, ‘the Last Duel’ bombs

Universal and Blumhouse’s “Halloween Kills” topped the weekend box office with a debut of $ 50.3 million. That’s a hell of a good performance considering the film is simultaneously hitting theaters and on demand via Peacock, NBCUniversal’s internal Netflix challenger. This type of distribution model has depressed ticket sales in recent months, with films like Warner Bros. ‘ “Cry Macho” and “The Suicide Squad” failed to resonate with moviegoers when they were made available concurrently on HBO Max. An exclusive theatrical release was not enough to save “The Last Duel”, a lavish historical epic starring Adam Driver, Jodie Comer and, venturing very far from the middle of Cambridge / Southie that made them into stars in “Good Will Hunting”, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The drama, which takes place in 14th century France, was bombed, grossing a paltry $ 4.8 million. That’s a disastrous result considering the film cost north of $ 100 million and a sign that older audiences remain apprehensive about returning to theaters while COVID and its variants are still circulating. The film was inherited by Walt Disney after purchasing 20th Century Fox Studios in 2019. Ridley Scott, who also oversaw the making of “House of Gucci” this fall. The reviews were kind, but that couldn’t save the film, which limped to fifth place.

Red light, green money: Squid Game helps relaunch Indonesian cafe

An Indonesian cafe is jumping on the global Squid Game bandwagon, hoping to fuel its pandemic recovery by recreating some of the games from the South Korean TV series in its cafe space. In a dark room with neon lights, patrons are greeted by staff disguised as menacing hooded and masked guards in the nine-part thriller, holding toy guns and guiding them to the back of the room where the court is located. game “red light, green light” the game begins.

Kourtney Kardashian and drummer Travis Barker engaged

Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian and musician Travis Barker are engaged, with the couple sharing photos of what appears to be a proposal on a beach. The couple both uploaded photos of themselves to Instagram amid an arrangement of red roses and white candles by the sea, with Kardashian adding the caption “Forever.”

Hollywood film crews union reaches tentative deal, avoiding strike

A union that represents about 60,000 behind-the-scenes workers in film and television struck a tentative deal with producers on Saturday, averting a strike that threatened to cause widespread disruption in Hollywood, negotiators said. The International Alliance of Theater Workers (IATSE), which includes cameramen, makeup artists, sound technicians and others, said negotiators agreed to a new three-year contract.

Netflix’s “Squid Game” estimated at around $ 900 million – Bloomberg News

Netflix Inc’s biggest original series launch, “Squid Game,” is estimated at nearly $ 900 million for the streaming giant, Bloomberg News reported on Saturday evening, citing figures from an internal Netflix document. Nine-episode thriller, in which cash-strapped contestants play life-threatening childhood games with the goal of winning 45.6 billion won ($ 38.58 million), has become an international hit after its launch last month.

Motion Picture Academy CEO Hudson to resign in 2023

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which presents the Oscars, said Monday that chief executive Dawn Hudson will take office in 2023 after more than a decade at the helm. Hudson joined the Academy as CEO in 2011 and has been tasked with overseeing its staff of 450 people in Los Angeles, New York and London and managing rewards, membership and marketing.

Disney postpones multiple Marvel sequels and fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ movie

Walt Disney Co has delayed the release of Marvel Studios’ sequels to “Black Panther,” “Thor” and “Doctor Strange” for several months and has pushed back the next big screen release of adventurer “Indiana Jones” to 2023. ” Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness “moved to May 6, 2022, starting March 25, Disney said in an updated release schedule.

Disney + magic fades: Barclays retrogrades Walt Disney after three years

Walt Disney stock received a rare Wall Street drop on Monday, as Barclays called on the media giant for bold changes to reverse the slowing growth of its Disney + streaming service. Disney CEO Bob Chapek hinted last month at a Disney + slowdown, saying the number of global paying subscribers in the fourth quarter would increase by “single digit” millions from an increase of 58.5 million in the previous month. during the previous three months.

‘Eternals’ movie, with diverse cast and deaf Marvel lead, premieres

Actors Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek brought Hollywood glamor to the world premiere of Marvel Studios’ latest comic book adaptation, “Eternals,” on Monday. Directed by Chloe Zhao, who won the Academy Award for Best Director and Best Picture for “Nomadland” earlier this year, “Eternals” boasts one of the most diverse castings of any Marvel movie.

Russian actor and director making his first space film returns to Earth after 12-day mission

A Russian actor and director making the first space film returned to Earth on Sunday after spending 12 days on the International Space Station (ISS). The Soyuz MS-18 space capsule carrying Russian ISS crew member Oleg Novitskiy, Yulia Peresild and Klim Shipenko landed in a remote area outside of western Kazakhstan at 07:35 (04:35 GMT), a announced the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

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