‘Sing 2’ exceeds $ 100 million nationwide

In the Friday box office news unrelated to The 355 ($ 1.71 million) or Spider-Man: No Path Home ($ 8.3 million), Illumination’s Sing 2 earned an additional $ 2.65 million (-59%) the same day he debuted in PVOD. Universal’s big deal with AMC (and the other chains) allowed them to hit theaters on PVOD ($ 20 for a 48-hour rental) in as little as 17 days after opening day, with 31 days granted for films opened above $ 50 million. Now, for an “open on a Friday” release, day 17 is a Sunday, so the films in question typically arrive the following Thursday or Friday (21 days, or about 3 weeks, after opening). But since Sing 2 open on a wednesday, the 17th day was yesterday so let’s go.

Nevertheless, with $ 99.713 million in 17 days of national release, he will exceed $ 100 million at the end of this sentence. This makes Illumination’s jukebox musical the first animated film to surpass $ 100 million in the country since. Frozen II ($ 477 million compared to $ 130 million for its debut) in November 2019. And considering the fact that Disney has just stopped Turn red at Disney + on a theatrical release (in participating territories), the sequel directed by Matthew McConaughey / Scarlett Johansson / Bono will be the last until (best screenplay) DreamWorks’ The villains end of April or (more likely) at Pixar Light year (in mid-June, unless he too becomes a Disney + sacrificial lamb). The $ 85 million exit is expected to gross around $ 10.3 million (-49%) in the third weekend for $ 107 million domestic and (to give or take new territory) $ 175 million worldwide .

The rest of the domestic box office is lousy. 20th century studios ” The king’s man earned $ 900,000 (-28%) on its third Friday for a likely $ 3.14 million (-31%) weekend and $ 25 million in 19-day domestic cumulative. Lionsgate American Underdog brought in an additional $ 730,000 (-46%) on Friday for a weekend of $ 2.36 million (-40%) and $ 18.7 million cumulative over 16 days. Sadly, that’s more than all of the major Oscars season releases except Warner Bros. ‘ Dune ($ 107 million), Western 20th century studios Parallel story ($ 32 million) and MGM Gucci House ($ 50 million). It’s also basically tied to opening weekends over or under $ 17 million from The shack and I can only imagine. Warner Bros. ‘ Matrix resurrections won $ 500,000 (-52%) Friday for a $ 1.75 million (-55%) weekend and just $ 34.2 million cumulative over 19 days.

that of Paul Thomas Anderson Licorice Pizza is holding up, at least by the standards of the pandemic era. Cooper Hoffman / Alana Haim’s coming-of-age comedy-drama made $ 286,075 (-20%) for a probable gross income of $ 990,000 (-24%) on the seventh weekend at 772 theaters, giving the film a national income of $ 8.317 million over 24 days. . It’s not a scratch on the film’s purported $ 40 million budget, but A) the studios don’t fund Paul Thomas Anderson’s films for bargains and B) he should stick around assuming it ends with major Oscar nominations on February 8. Ghostbusters: the afterlife will have around $ 125 million by tomorrow, meaning that it will indeed exceed the $ 126 million of domestic Ghostbusters: answer the call. we’ll see if Sing 2 is catching up to grab ninth place among the largest national producers last year.

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