Scream: 10 best deaths in the series, ranked

The arrival of a new entry in the long Scream The franchise has inspired old fans to return to horror meta-movies as newcomers experience Ghostface’s various kills for the first time. There have been a few different slashers under the mask, though they all share a similar motivation for the murder.

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While Sheriff Dewey Riley’s many near-death scenes have become a staple of the film franchise, there have been a number of actual murders committed by Ghostface that were unforgettable. These murders stood out both in the franchise itself and in the horror genre that Scream helped reinvigorate when it first hit theaters in the 90s.

ten Trevor Sheldon was accused of the massacre and tortured

Trevor Sheldon from Scream 4

The Second Woodsboro Massacre in Scream 4 freely followed the same path as the original, which featured a downfall guy willing to take responsibility for the crimes. The original was Sidney Prescott’s father, while the new patsy was Jill Roberts’ ex-boyfriend Trevor Sheldon. Trevor was linked and installed by Scream 4‘s Ghostface, who also shot her in the genitals in a fit of rage fueled by their failed relationship before delivering a final shot in the head that added insult to injury.

9 Jenny and Marnie helped rekindle the terror of Ghostface

Jenny and Marnie from Scream 4 split image

2011 Scream 4 opened with a double tampering as two sets of teenage girls were murdered by the movie Ghostface which existed in the Stab movies. After the opening of Stab 6 and seven, high school friends Jenny and Marnie were the first to be murdered by the Ghostface back in Woodsboro as the town celebrates the 15th anniversary of the initial murders. Both murders were incredibly gory and pay homage to some of the franchise’s best deaths.

8 Cici Cooper was kicked off a sorority rooftop after epic run

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cici from Scream 2

Sarah Michelle Gellar performed double horror duty in 1997 when she starred in I know what you did last summer while appearing in scream 2. She played the role of college student Cici Cooper, who decided to stay overnight to watch the sisterhood house while the others partied, making her a target for Ghostface.

Cici led Ghostface on a worthy race through the sorority house who almost saw her escape the clutches of the murderer. Ghostface caught up with her, stabbed her, and threw her out the window of the sorority house to publicly announce their return.

seven Robbie Mercer was killed while complaining about the rules

Robbie Mercer from Scream 4

The Original Woodsboro Murders and the Stab franchise within Scream led to a community of young pop culture junkies who were inspired by the 15th anniversary of Ghostface’s first party.

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Robbie Mercer was one of the film students who led the celebration and broadcast his daily activities live. Ghostface enjoyed the alcohol party in 2011 Scream 4 to take out Robbie, who complained that his death was against the new rules they had set in film class.

6 Randy’s death highlighted the meta nature of the franchise

Randy Meeks from Scream 2

Death of Randy Meeks in scream 2 hilariously showcased his film knowledge before being dragged into series star Gail Weathers’ press van and stabbed to death. Randy’s death shed light on the meta-nature of the franchise, even if it wasn’t the end of the character. He returned with a recorded will of trilogy film roles to help fellow survivors in the 2000s scream 3.

5 Woodsboro MPs knew they were going to be assassinated

Anthony Anderson and Adam Brody appeared in Scream 4 as a pair of Woodsboro Police Department assistants who are tasked with monitoring Erin Roberts and other potential Ghostface victims.

The couple discuss their potential role in Ghostface’s new wave of murders based on the plight of other horror movie cops. They are not saved by this knowledge and are horribly murdered by Ghostface, with Detective Perkins dropping one of the franchise’s best closing lines in reference to action movie cops – “F *** Bruce Willis”.

4 Tatum Riley’s death in the garage door was creative and violent

Tatum Riley in Scream

The first one Scream showcased a few unforgettable murders that were both creative and violent, including the death of Tatum Riley when she encountered Ghostface in Stu’s garage while having more beers for the house party.

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After Ghostface trapped an injured Tatum in the garage, she attempted to escape through a pet door, although she was trapped and crushed in the door as she was being lifted. Rose McGowan’s Riley was one of Sidney Prescott’s best friends and the younger sister of the Dewey star, so her death affected the main cast a lot.

3 Olivia Morris was brutally murdered after classic bad management

Olivia Morris in Scream 4

Ghostface was not only known for the various murders attributed to the character, but their style and drama. operating mode which involved the classic use of orientation errors to confuse their victims. Scream 4 saw Ghostface revert to their usual ways when they created terror in their latest victims by teasing that they were in the closet. However, Ghostface actually jumped out of Olivia Morris’ closet across the street so they could watch her being brutally murdered and gutted in her own bedroom.

2 Maureen Evans’ death at the theater was bloody and dramatic

Maureen Evans with Ghostface in Scream 2

Jada Pinkett Smith appeared as Maureen Evans in scream 2, where she features in one of the franchise’s most memorable and over-the-top murders. Maureen has a date with Phil Stevens at the premiere of the first Stab movie.

Ghostface, disguised as the recently deceased Stevens, sat next to Evans to witness the film’s opening murder. She is stabbed multiple times by Ghostface in the crowded and chaotic theater. Her screams in the theater as the crowd watched and clapped gave fans a mirror to examine our own morbid fascination with slashers.

1 Casey and Steve’s death sets the tone for the Slasher franchise

Casey and Steve in Scream

Drew Barrymore made an unforgettable appearance in the opening moments of the original Scream as Casey Becker, the first victim of Ghostface (not counting Maureen Prescott). His death set the tone not only for the film, but the rest of the film franchise.

Casey was asked about her favorite horror movies and threatened by Ghostface’s iconic voice over the phone. Casey’s boyfriend Steve also used to torment Ghostface’s chosen victim as he was tied up and emptied in front of her when she incorrectly answered Ghostface’s questions.

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