Post-pandemic stand-up comedy goes live on

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida, September 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Digicom Productions, LLC, a new OTT media and entertainment company ( ), today announced the launch of, the digital destination for all things stand-up comedy.

While the Covid-19 crisis has had a dramatic impact on everyone around the world, live entertainment has been hit particularly hard. But like everyone and everything, the stand-up industry has adapted and become Zoom. The comedians and their audiences connected with the latest technology, but that energy and human-to-human connection of live interaction just wasn’t the same.

“It was touching to watch, for a lot of our comedians it was their first live performance in over a year. When they first took the stage you could see it in their faces, the magic stand-up was back and they were feeding off the live connection between themselves and their audience. It was great to witness this moment in entertainment history, ”said Rusty coristine, creator and executive producer.

CEO of Digicom Productions Catherine billon Says, “We are thrilled to help turn this around in what has been a truly difficult environment for comedians during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re helping to bring the stand-up industry out of a rough time and back to a live audience experience for both comedians and comedy fans alike. Jokey TV is well positioned to become the cheerleader and the main promoter of the stand-up and art form industry. “

Jokey TV inspires the next generation of stand-up creators, viewers and innovators by engaging audiences and comedians at the intersection of creativity and technology.

Jokey TV has created the stand-up community’s most inclusive comedy pay program. Jokey TV provides its artists with new revenue streams, exceptional production value, large-scale distribution and positive industry outreach.

“Jokey TV stands for fun and engagement. Fun and engagement for our viewers, fun and engagement for our advertisers, and fun and engagement for our sponsors. We offer brands a Clean and friendly advertising environment with great viewers in mind. We hope brands will benefit from these cutting edge marketing programs and our Jokey TV Comedy Awards platform, ”concluded Billon.

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