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that of Pedro Almodovar Parallel mothers open for around $ 41,076 this weekend across three screens for a three-day PSA of $ 13,692. Sony Pictures Classics distributor co-chairman Michael Barker calls this conservative, forecasting $ 42,000 to $ 43,000 for the Penelope Cruz star who he says has attracted a diverse new audience to Almodóvar, including moviegoers. younger.

“We are delighted with the opening. The past week has been really nerve-racking. We didn’t know what to expect. They were closing the live theater, restaurants in my neighborhood were closing on certain days, ”Barker said. He attributed the strong performance amid the headwinds of Omicron to a combination of good reviews, solid word of mouth, and kudos for Cruz in what some are calling his best role.

The film will run through January from its perch (at Lincoln Center and Angelika in New York and Landmark in LA) adding locations every weekend to reach several hundred screens in the top 50 media markets. and in some small towns. Next weekend’s first jump will include San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, DC

Parallel mothers closed the New York Film Festival this fall, to the acclaim of a young crowd who joined the Spanish director’s core of older, gay and female fans.

It’s important to Sony Pictures Classics, which owns the rights to its entire library and, Barker said, is increasingly finding new homes for it at festivals on platforms and streamers. HBO Max, for example, presented films by Almodóvar last spring as part of the TCM Classic Movie Festival (including Women on the verge of nervous breakdown, Volver (Oscar for best actress for Cruz), The skin i live in and short film Human voice with Tilda Swinton.

“These sites are looking for diverse programming and it’s a breath of fresh air. A new source of income, that’s great. And it’s great to have the whole library when you open the last movie, ”Barker said. This one, which also stars Milena Smit and Rossy de Palma, follows two women, Janis (Cruz) and Ana (Smit), who meet in a hospital room before giving birth and develop a close bond that complicates and dramatically change their lives. . See the deadline review here.

More broadly, Barker believes that the specialty film market (which seemed on the verge of a nascent recovery a month ago) “has taken a few steps backward because of Omicron. But I think it will come back very strong.

The other high-level specialty opening, Joel Coen’s Macbeth’s tragedy from A24 and Apple, is expected to earn around $ 110,000 over two days (Saturday / Sunday) from around 20 locations – this is only an estimate from one distribution source, as Apple is not reporting big expenses. That would mean a $ 5.5,000 public service announcement for Shakespeare’s black-and-white adaptation of the murderous and complicated couple with Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand.

According to Deadline’s Friday specialty preview, Macbeth was slated to open in 30 theaters across North America with a limited expansion in January to 125-200 screens. It will be released on Apple TV + on January 14.

A notable extension: Licorice Pizza of United Artists Releasing went from four screens in two markets (NY / LA where it launched on November 28 to what UAR called a record-breaking average per screen of $ 83.8,000) to 786 releases in 133 markets on Saturday. He has an estimated gross of $ 2.3 million for the weekend, a PSA of $ 2,962 and income of $ 3.7 million.

UAR said 66% of audiences for MGM’s 1970s teen comedy Paul Thomas Anderson were in the 18 to 34-year-old demo and that they expected the film to continue to grow. magnitude.

It performed best on the coasts (led by NY / LA), performed well in Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Minneapolis and some smaller places – like Bend, Oregon. “I’m really happy with the results and the fact that we can make as much or more than some of the big movies in a third of the theaters,” said Erik Lomis, UAR’s distribution manager. (Sony A newspaper for Jordan, for example, won $ 2.2 million on 2,500 screens.)

Lomis said he was pleasantly surprised by the young demos that happened. “I would have said, ‘No way, the audience must be older, at least 50% over 35.’ The fact that we’re bringing in a younger group is a testament to the film’s playability and long-term viability.

18-35-year-old audiences sparked the box office revival this year, including crowding into Spider Man: No Path Home. But the crucial 35+ demo for arthouse and specialty films has been much slower to come back since Covid, and Omicron’s hiccups haven’t helped. Specialty distributors are hoping the headlines – like the rapidly declining cases in South Africa, where the variant was first discovered – are a sign that things may reset sooner rather than later.

As for Licorice Pizza, “Once word of mouth spreads over the holidays, people love an original story, and it’s a happy story. And [with] everyone consumed with Spider Man there has to be an alternative, ”Lomis said. “It’s fun, original, and people really, really appreciate it. It’s a marathon not a sprint. “

Meanwhile, maintaining the RSU Gucci House, one of the few adult films to break the box office this year, hit $ 47.2 million in Week 5 after a three-day weekend at $ 922,000.

In a new version, Reliance Film announced a gross weekend of $ 1.76 million for its Kabir Khan film titled 83 at 481 locations – a PSA of $ 3,662. The Bollywood cricket themed photo is the true story of the underdog Indian men’s cricket team led by Kapil Dev (Ranveer Singh) who beat the defending champions West Indies in the 1983 World Cup final .

The other reserves include the A24 Red rocket during the third week ($ 150.7K on 477 screens, or $ 372.5K) and its go! Go on in week six ($ 18.7,000 across 49 screens, or $ 1.82 million).

Sideshow / Janus Films released the critically acclaimed film by Ryusuke Hamaguchi Drive my car, In the fifth week, grossed approximately $ 19,172 on 16 screens for an average per screen of $ 1,198 and new income of $ 271,848.

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