Our 21 Favorite Texas and Red Dirt Singles from ’21… So Far

It’s June 17th. We are now in mid-June. Which means we’re past half the month to midway through 2021. So no better day than today to share our picks for our favorite Texas and Red Dirt singles from ’21 …

So, is a song released in 2021 on our list? Sure. Isn’t more than one technically just one? You bet. Is there a song that won’t be released until July? Absolutely.

But after much deliberation, we settled on our criteria for our list, and decided that it would include songs or singles that have been played, at least once, on Radio Texas, LIVE! since December ’20. And while we’ve tried to focus more on real radio singles, there are one or two exceptions to this.

Plus, the position on the charts didn’t have much (absolutely nothing) to do with our roster – and a few of the songs that made our roster never even made our regular rotation. Why? Well, we just don’t have the room to smash every new awesome song and artist as much as we love to. After all, we only have five hours to complete each week. Five hours to play songs by artists that people recognize more easily, to keep them listening. While playing artists who are already underestimated on the radio.

Let’s be honest, Cody Johnson and Koe Wetzel, two of Texas Music’s biggest bands, are so neglected on country radio that it’s a crime. Concessions must be made.

So here they are, our 21 favorite Texas and Red Dirt singles from ’21… So far:

The wild blue “Dixie Darlin ‘”

Read Southall Band “Where We Belong”

Cody Johnson “The One in New England”

Austin Meade with Koe Wetzel “Happier Alone”

Kolby Cooper “2 words”

Kat Hasty “Pretty things”

Josh Abbott Band “Sett Me Down”

Kaitlin Butts “How lucky am I”

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen “Hold my beer”

Randall King “Around forever”

Parker McCollum “Drink”

Morgan Wade “The Wildest Days”

American aquarium “I’m trying to think of Elvis”

Jonathan Terrell “Highway”

Koe Wetzel “Drunk driving”

Kylie Frey “Horses in Heaven”

Kyle Park “Back”

William Beckmann “Bourbon Whiskey”

Randy Rogers Band and La Maquinaria Norteña “Chupacabra”

Slade Coulter “Hey Mary”

Mike Ryan “can fall”

Charley Crockett “I can help”

Looking for a continuous stream of the best music in the universe? Download the Radio Texas, LIVE! application for ANDROID, or IOS. You can use it to stream all your favorite Texas and Red Dirt 24/7.

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