New US trailer for Argentine horror film “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

New American trailer for Argentinian horror film “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

With Alex Billington
June 17, 2021
Source: Youtube

“There is no place like a house.” Dark Star Pictures has released a new American trailer for Argentinian horror thrillers. rock Paper Scissors, Originally the same in Spanish, Rock-paper-scissors, rock-paper-scissors.. It was first presented in 2019 at Fright Fest in London and at Morbido Film Fest in Mexico. Jesus and Marie José are brothers who live in the house of their recently deceased father. Their normal routine is interrupted by the arrival of their paternal half-parent, Magdalena. Years after not being with other siblings, she came from Spain and claimed a share of the house inherited from their father. But the brothers who don’t want to sell her play an evil game with her where it’s hard to tell who has the stone, who has the paper, and who has the scissors. start.This star Agustina Cervino, Valerie Giorcelli, Pablo Seagull.. Looks like another anxious and weird Argentinian horror film set this summer. Disfrutar.

Here is the official US trailer for Blousson & Lenzi (+ poster) rock Paper Scissors, From YouTube:

Jesus and José Maria are brothers who live in a closed world of strange games and relentless madness. When their half-sister Magdalena returns home and asks about her inheritance, a strange and bloody incident occurs. Stone-paper-scissors, originally Rock-paper-scissors, rock-paper-scissors In Spanish, co-directed by an Argentinian filmmaker Martin Bourson & Macarena Garcia range, Both made their directorial debuts in this film. The screenplay is written by Macarena Garcia Range, in collaboration with Martin Bourson, Julieta Garcia Range and Valentin Javier Dimento. It premiered at Fright Fest and Morbido Film Fest in 2019 and also took place in Argentina in 2019. DarkStar Pictures debuts. rock Paper Scissors Directly on VOD in the United States soon available July 6, 2021 This summer.

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New American trailer for Argentinian horror film “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

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