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Michael Jr.
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GRAPEVINE, Texas – For Michael Jr., comedy is more than making people laugh – it’s a way to share the gospel, uplift audiences, and motivate them to discover his divine purpose.

“I feel like God has given me an understanding of how to reveal to audiences what they need while giving them what they want,” the comedian told The Christian Post in an interview. .

“Instead of just making jokes, I listen between the gaps while people laugh and ask, ‘What can I give my audience? What do they need? ‘ While they are laughing and having fun, I hit them with a bit of truth, encouragement, and application.

From “The Tonight Show” to “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Michael Jr. has graced some of the nation’s biggest comedy scenes. Driven by the belief that laughter can be a source of healing and inspiration, the father of five also shares his gift with those living in homeless shelters and prisons.

Over the years, said Michael Jr., he’s had “almost unbelievable” encounters with people, from a law fugitive who surrendered after hearing the comedian’s message on “doing tough things.” to a police officer who held a gun to his head after falsely accusing him of selling illegal drugs.

“I’ve had some cool things happening and some not so cool things,” he reflected. “But as I look back on the stories of my life, and even the things that are happening right now, I am able to look at it differently and see how God can use it to help other people.”

In his latest book,Funny how life works, Michael Jr. shares 25 stories from his life with the stated purpose of inspiring readers to embrace their God-given purpose – or, as he describes it, their “punch”.

“I try to articulate these stories so that people can think about how to apply the results to their lives,” said the “Selfie Dad” star.

The book is full of practical wisdom and spiritual principles hidden in humor – a strategy the comedian, who describes himself as “pastoral”, uses in his comedy sets.

“We teach you the goal in the book, we give you homework, but because you laugh, you don’t even know you are working,” he explained. “The brain cannot separate pleasure and laughter from the information it acquires. So, after you finish reading, you will still be drawn to the information about the call of your life because your brain thinks it found pleasure in it.

The book is also full of wisdom that the actor gleaned from his father. Fatherhood, the podcast host shared, is a topic he’s very passionate about.

“The moment I saw my first child, I knew I wanted the best for them. So, ever since I started acting, my desire has always been to help my kids be better. They have a significant influence on my comedy; I know God sent my children, so I’d better be okay with what He’s called me to do. he is the Dad. I am fair a dad trying to be the best he can be for my kids, including my career, ”he added.

Michael Jr., who attends Gateway Church in Dallas, is also preparing for his next tour, which begins July 11. The comedian said he was excited to get back on the road and “mix both comedy and real life” in front of an audience.

“With this tour, we plan to deepen Funny how life works and comedy at the same time, for tension is comedy’s best friend. So if I talk about something that’s filled with tension and I switch to comedy, the comedy is even funnier but the stories are even better too.

Whether he’s writing books or touring the road, Michael Jr. said his walk with the Lord was his life’s most important strength, spurring his passion for God-glorifying comedy. By spending time in scriptures and in prayer, he strives to be obedient to the call God has placed in his life.

“I always try to make sure he’s inside so that I can hear him, do what he says and see what’s going on,” he explained. “I truly believe that whatever goes into your ear door and your eye door is going to be what goes into the heart and then revealed in your walk. I try to be very, very sensitive to what I allow to enter my heart, and then it shows on stage. It’s not about trying to fix the output. It’s a matter of being strategic with the entry.

Click here to learn more about Michael Jr.’s book and his upcoming tour.

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