Mental health and horror documentary to explore the positive effects of gender

It’s no secret that horror movies have a bad reputation, a perception that isn’t helped by the general public’s refusal to take them seriously. Although they are often seen as disturbing psychological tortures that distort their viewer’s perception of reality, they often have the opposite effect, a perspective to be explored in Mental health and horror.

Starring a diverse assortment of fans, critics, directors, producers and writers in the horror community, as well as a number of mental health professionals, the documentary will detail the catharsis that the one can find by consuming simulated death and torment in a safe and controlled environment that horror movies provide. Watching people defeat demons and monsters onscreen can help people feel that those who torment their minds can also be overcome, especially at this time, as fear and isolation take a toll on the sanity of so many. of people.

The feature film will be the film debut of Jonathan Barkan, former editor-in-chief of Dread Central and Bloody Disgusting and now operator of distributor The Horror Collective. His vision is to use the film to challenge the harmful stereotypes of horror movie fans as well as the associated prejudices and stigma, and also hopes that it can reach people who appreciate the genre’s offerings but have not. support system or mental health resources available, and let them know they are not alone.

Horror is often misunderstood by its critics, who believe that fans of the genre are at best depraved individuals with a sick sense of humor and at worst potential serial killers preying on representations of suffering. human. In addition to highlighting the positive impact horror can have on its viewers, Mental health and horror also hope to allow those who are not fans of the genre to understand the good it does.

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