Khel Khel Mein brings back the festivities

March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hit us and cinemas around the world have been closed. While few cinemas reopened in September 2020 and summers 2021, most remained closed. Finally, after a long wait, cinemas across the country reopened on the 19e October in accordance with the instructions of the Government of Pakistan. The first films to be released were Venom: let there be Carnage and Dune. Both of these films had far below average occupancy rates, showing that audiences still weren’t ready to return to internal audiences as usual. Marvel’s latest release ‘The Eternals’ showed a box office spark, but overall the response has been lackluster.

19 November saw the release of the first Pakistani film “Khel Khel Mein” after the pandemic and we have to say that the box office performance is promising. The film gathered a total of 1.85 crore in its first week, given the limited screens it has and being the first film to come out after the pandemic, that’s a pretty good result.

Please see below for the daily breakdown:

Friday: 28lakes

Saturday: 60lakes

Sunday: 42lakes

On Monday: 14lakes

Tuesday: 15lakes

Wednesday: 14lakes

Thusday: 12lakes

Total:1.85 crore

The numbers point to two positive factors for Khel Khel Mein, as the film showed a massive leap on Saturday and maintained around 50% of Friday’s weekday collections. It shows that the film could have some good box office legs, but a lot depends on the list of releases expected in the coming week.

The film opened in a few foreign markets and was able to collect a total of 65 lakes in the first week. With this Khel Khel Mein currently stands at a total of 2.5 crore worldwide.

Today saw the release of 3 new films: Sheenogai, Encanto , and Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City

Sheenogai is a local release, a revenge thriller directed by Abu Aleeha while Encanto and Resident Evil are both Hollywood releases. All three films opened with very low occupancy rates and we expect Khel Khel Mein to take the lead this weekend as well.

These ticket numbers are estimates provided by an independent ticket tracking site. Ticket office detail

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