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It may not be officially winter yet, but a winter chill is already setting in for many as the holiday season is upon us. It means the perfect excuse to relax with more horror!

Okay, so it’s all a good excuse for the horror. But there is just something about the horror that unfolds in icy, snowy conditions that makes the fear worse. It is so much harder to escape masked maniacs, zombie plagues, aliens and more when the weather is also threatening your life.

This week’s streaming picks are all about terror in extreme winter weather and the resulting isolation. Here’s where you can stream them …

Cold prey – AMC +

A group of five snowboarding friends in a remote area in the Jotunheimen mountains are forced to find shelter when one of them breaks his leg. They take refuge in a deserted hut, completely abandoned except for the homicidal maniac nicknamed the Mountain Man. Cold prey is a fantastic modern slasher with a stunning snowy backdrop that contributes to the group’s struggle for survival. Suspenseful, brutal and with one of horror’s most underrated last girls in Jannicke.

Curtains – Tubi, Vudu

Six young actresses spend their weekend in a secluded mansion and endure what might be the most eccentric audition for a movie role. Naturally, this is the perfect setting for a masked killer to start taking them down one by one, and it just so happens that it’s winter. There aren’t too many slashers in freezing weather, and Curtains take full advantage of its winter setting. The most memorable murders involve the creepy masked killer using the weather against the victims, including the movie’s best death sequence set on a frozen pond. Sickles and ice skating are all bad news.

The cottage – Hulu, Kanopy

Veronique franz and Séverin Fiala’s follow-up good night mom takes up the theme of children who misbehave. A vacation trip to the secluded family lodge becomes a heart-wrenching journey into potential madness when future mother-in-law Grace (Riley Keough) is left alone to care for her siblings Aidan (Jaeden Martell) and Mia (Lia McHugh) ). When the children seem to make peace with Grace, a blizzard cuts off the power, trapping them all with Grace’s dark past. Moody and atmospheric, The cottage is a dark horror. It’s isolating, freezing and depressing. Bring extra blankets for extra comfort.

Pontypool – AMC +

Stephen McHattie is a dominant presence in this atypical epidemic horror film. The actor stars as shock DJ Grant Mazzy re-enacting an outbreak in Pontypool, Ont. From his radio station booth as events unfold in real time on air. This means that much of the action takes place via audio, with reports and townspeople calling the station. Yet none of this takes away the suspense. It’s an unusual but effective approach to an outbreak, and winter serves as an excuse to keep your main character trapped inside and feeling isolated.

The thing – Starz

John Carpenter’s paranoia-laden masterpiece is a pinnacle of practical effects. Its snow-capped setting in Antarctica plays a central role in isolation, paranoia and the struggle for survival. Fleeing the shapeshifted alien who has infiltrated the ranks of a search team isn’t easy, thanks to his ability to assimilate humans and the storm raging outside. This classic keeps getting better with every rereading.

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