Is this the best horror movie based on a true story?

Clearly, the highly acclaimed “Psycho” resonated with its 1960s audiences: Before its release, a four-Oscar-nominated horror film was both exceptionally rare and based largely on pedigree. theatrical (via Rolling stone). But what makes Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece stand the test of time isn’t just its distinctive cinematography or its bizarre ability to pull tension to its absolute breaking point. (Although to be fair, those two things help.) Ultimately, what sets “Psycho” apart in terms of “true story-based” cinema is that it’s sort of – simultaneously – entirely of its time, strangely prophetic, and eternally current, no matter where you place it in the timeline of human history. After all, the idea that the “real monster” is lurking right in front of you – said monster is even (in some cases) your own neighbor – is at the very heart of what has led to repeated flurries of witch trials in the world. known world. for centuries.

While ghosts, goblins, and demons have always held a special place in our nightmares, it is these horrors that we certainly know to be real that scare us the most. While he didn’t invent this approach to horror, “Psycho” was certainly the first big movie to employ it. Today, more than six decades later, with the success of series like “American Horror Story” and the continuing celebration of psychological thrillers like “Silence of the Lambs” and “Get Out,” it seems the moral of the horror “humans as real monsters” is just as fascinating and frightening as when Hitchcock first exploited it.

“The Exorcist” may have won more awards and garnered a lot more press (via IMDb), but it’s Norman Bates – not an unfathomable demon from hell – who remains arguably the scariest monster ever concocted from the sordid remnants of reality.

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