How the empty man went from box office flop to cult favorite

The Empty Man is a horror film that was cast in theaters in 2020 and forgotten, but it has already garnered a vocal cult; Here’s why.

The empty man has come and gone without much fanfare in 2020, but it’s already on its way to becoming a cult favorite. While horror fans may love movies like John Carpenter’s one The thing Where Event horizon, it’s easy to forget that both were box office duds when they were released. Sometimes even beloved films take a little while to get their due, and in the case of The Thing – which was widely criticized by critics when it was released – it took almost a decade for he begins to receive his due.

The cult movie term is often thrown another now, but it’s a term that definitely applies to The empty man. This 2020 version was loosely based on the Boom! Graphic novel of the studios. The story follows an ex-cop named James Lasombra (James Badge Dale, 13 hours), who is hired by a friend to find her daughter Amanda when she goes missing. James soon learns of a connection between his disappearance and an urban legend about “The Empty Man,” a being who, when summoned by blowing a bottle, will hunt down and kill those who participated in the ritual within three days.

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While The empty man may seem inspired by a horror similar to that of creepypasta, like Goodbye man, it is quite another thing. It was actually shot in 2017 and produced by 20th Century Studios, with the studio initially on board for director David Prior’s vision, but they put it aside after poor test screenings. empty man was later caught up by the Fox / Disney merger and was eventually dropped in theaters in late 2020, following a misleading trailer selling it like any other Slender man-inspired teenage horror. It received bad reviews and did bad business – but it quickly found a second life in digital.

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The empty man is a world far from the scary horror of jumping Conspiracy Where Paranormal activity franchises, and with a duration of over two hours and 20 minutes, it demands the full attention of the public. The film begins with a seriously creepy extended opening before moving on to James’ story, as it gradually pulls back more and more layers, including a cult who revere the seemingly Lovecraftian being. Although it moves at a more deliberate pace, it is far from boring and features several unsettling horror sequences, including a sauna attack or James running into a cult that suddenly starts chasing him.

The empty man is full of great ideas and concepts and looks like a mix of David Lynch’s work or cosmic horror movies like Prince of Darkness. It’s such a unique and artistic film that it’s not only odd that it was produced by a big studio, but it’s also the last film to carry the original 20th Century Fox logo. After its digital release, positive word of mouth allowed the film to quickly become a cult fandom.

Even those who don’t particularly appreciate The empty man I can’t deny that it’s at least a well-crafted and ambitious film and deserved much better than a token theatrical release without promotion or fanfare. The cult of the film is only going to grow – which is a bit ironic, given the themes of the story – and curious horror fans should definitely check it out.

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