How much did Rajinikanth’s Annaatthe really make at the box office? Here is a reality check

If you’ve been following all of the collection updates to superstar Rajinikanth Annaatthe’s latest film, you might have understood that the film set the box office on fire, despite the record-breaking rainfall that wreaked havoc in some. parts of Tamil Nadu.

Sun Pictures, the producers of Annaatthe, maintained radio silence regarding the film’s box office performance. In the absence of a transparent system to track every ticket sale in Tamil Nadu and the reluctance of producers to share collection numbers, the media had to rely on various sources to get a feel for the performance at the box- office of Annaatthe of Rajinikanth.

Everyone agreed that Annaatthe had a massive opening across the world. The film hit theaters on November 4 and on November 6, one of India’s leading ticketing platforms, posted a tweet of appreciation for Annaatthe, for achieving record ticket sales after the second lockdown ended. induced by Covid-19. “#Annaatthe crosses the million tickets sold on #BookMyShow on November 5, becoming the first film to cross the million mark after the second Unlock in 2021! (sic) ”, read an article on the BookMyShow account.

It’s rare that BookMyShow tweets specific numbers and gives us any idea of ​​the film’s box office performance. The Twitter handles of some unique screens like Thanjavur GV Studio City Multiplex have kept the minds of Rajinikanth fans high by constantly sharing updates on housefull shows.

“With the tremendous support of the family audience, #Annaatthe is succeeding at @gvstudiocitytnj. Pic took today (Nov 14, 11th day) at the evening show. “The reviews will not affect the film, if the main segment of the people accepts it.” #Annaatthe proved it (sic), ”read an article on Thanjavur GV Studio City Multiplex.

It’s fair to assume that in parts of the state, the Thalivar movie continued to draw large crowds. But, are good performances in certain pockets enough for the film to earn more than Rs 200 crore in the two weeks following its release?

Manobala Vijayabalan, who has been the unofficial source but the sole source for most, if not all, of the media coverage on Annaatthe’s box office collections, guarantees that the film grossed over Rs 200 crore thanks to its ticket sales around the world.

“The midweek COLLECT movie,” Manobala, who has more than 42,000 Twitter followers, including Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor, tweeted Thursday as part of his continued update on the Annaat collection. In the same tweet, he provided the daily collection of the film in its second week, fixing the box office of star Rajinikanth at Rs 142.05 cr in Tamil Nadu alone.

Hours later, Manobala, who identifies as a columnist and tracker of the film industry, followed another box office break on Annaatthe. This time, he claimed the film’s global collection stood at Rs 228.79 on Thursday.

So how does Manobala get access to such specifics of box office numbers? “The box office numbers we get are from reliable sources and the people who pay taxes for those numbers share them with us. At the same time, we also do our individual follow-up, only if the two come together, we share it with the public, ”Manobala replied to a questionnaire sent by

Annaatthe by Rajinikanth released on November 4.

Cinetrak, a handful of entertainment, which also follows the box office of all films, paints a much more conservative picture of the Annaat collection so far. On November 9, the handle tweeted: “@rajinikanth’s #Annaatthe bites the dust on its first Monday in Tamil Nadu, earning 2.8 crore. The 5-day gross cumulative increases to 71.8 crore (sic).

Cinetrak on November 11 set the film’s week one collection in Tamil Nadu at Rs 75.15 crore. “#Annaatthe plummets by more than 90% on the 2nd international weekend. $ 325K in 2nd weekend for a total of $ 5.2M (₹ 38 cr). It will cost less than $ 5.5 million (₹ 40 cr), ”the handful tweeted on November 15.

When contacted some of the well-placed people in the Tamil film industry, they were unwilling to comment on the story. “It’s too controversial,” said an industry veteran.

“When it comes to superstar Rajinikanth, many who have different political opinions and different points of view are still trying to find a way to degrade the star as well as his movie. Unlike Hollywood, we don’t have a open and transparent box office system where the public can see it for themselves, so few groups will ever take the opportunity to share contradictory negative reports to confuse the public, ”added Manobala.

There is little evidence to suggest that Annaatthe suffered a loss for her investors. Unlike Darbar, none of the distributors threaten to go on a hunger strike to demand compensation from Rajinikanth by claiming the loss. A source claimed earlier that Darbar’s poor performance inflicted a cumulative loss of Rs 25 crore on its distributors.

“Sun Pictures released the film straight to theaters (which means there are no third party distributors in the middle). So there is no chance for us to incur the loss. We are just showing the film. and give the agreed share to the producers, ”Tirupur Subramaniam, president of the Tamil Nadu Theater Owners Association, told us.

He also declined to confirm Annaatthe’s over Rs 200 crore global business. “No one other than the producer of the film can give the exact box office numbers. Most of them share based on guesswork. And I don’t like to comment on people’s guesses. The collection differs. from one theater to another, ”he added.

annaatthe Rajinikanth in Annaatthe.

Subramaniam, however, said Annaatthe’s collection in his theater was “satisfactory”. He added that after a strong opening, the film’s earning potential was reduced by the seasonal rains. “If it hadn’t been for the rain, the film might have performed a little better at the box office,” he said.

Enemy, with Vishal and Arya in the lead roles, has apparently failed to breach the box office or lead a box office debate on the internet. “Doctor was the best-played movie (in terms of theatrical collection) after theaters reopened after the second lockdown,” Subramaniam said.

And the question remains, how much has Annaatthe made at the box office in the past two weeks? Is it more than Rs 220 crore or less? Ultimately, all that matters to an average moviegoer audience is whether or not a movie will provide entertainment for its hard-earned money.

Do you get what you pay for watching Rajinikanth in Annaatthe?

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