Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo, co-starring in ‘CHOSEN’ filming in town

MANSFIELD – The co-star of a faith-based adoption film called “CHOSEN” set in Mansfield spoke on Sunday evening of being a Christian in Hollywood.

“Being a Christian and conservative in Hollywood is like being a double leper,” said Kevin Sorbo, known for his roles in “God Is Not Dead” and Hercules in “Hercules” and many other roles. .

“I got the boot from my agency about 11 years ago. They called me into their office and said we couldn’t work with you anymore,” Sorbo told the crowd at the gala / fundraiser for foster and adopted children at the Holiday Ballroom Inn & Suites.

“I made my voice heard. Facebook knocked me down a month ago. Thank you very much. I consider this a badge of honor,” he said to applause.

Sorbo stars in the film with award-winning actor Dean Cain best known for playing the role of Clark Kent / Superman in the television series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” and actor Eddie McClintock, originally from Canton of North.

I got the part, I lost the part; ups and downs of being an actor

Sorbo said he read for the role of Superman with Cain.

“My agent called me that night and told me you had the part, you play Superman,” he said.

Twenty-four hours later they call and say no, they’ve changed their mind. They go with Dean Cain.

“I’m going to give you a little insight into the ups and downs actors have to go through,” Sorbo said.

He said that three months later he had auditioned seven times against 2,800 actors for the role of Hercules.

“I got that role, and as I tell Dean, Hercules lasted seven years and became the most watched show in the world. Your show was canceled after seven seasons,” Sorbo said.

“He (Dean Cain) is a classy guy. He’s one of my best friends in the business,” Sorbo said. “I’m grateful to Jason (Jason Campbell, the president of JCFilms) we finally hooked up for be able to do this. “

Campbell and his wife, Heather, who live in West Virginia, enjoyed filming in Mansfield. Jason Campbell said this film is a plan for people of faith and communities to get involved with foster families.

In Ohio, nearly 16,000 children are in foster care, he said. The couple plan to launch Helping Hands Ministry in Akron, Ohio based on this film.

Sorbo said he left LA over two years ago and moved to Florida. His first faith-based film was called “What if?”

He said three years ago that he had made “God is not dead”, saying it was a better movie than “What if?”

“The same writers, so they can’t get mad at me,” he said.

A new film in theaters, others soon on the screen

Sorbo now has a box office movie called “The Girl Who Believes In Miracles”. Another film he stars in, titled “One Nation Under God,” opens the week of July 4 in theaters. This fall, he released a real movie called “Miracle in East Texas”, which takes place in 1930, with Lou Gossick.

Sorbo has stated that he is about to start acting and directing the next “Left Behind” movie.

He said filmmakers like Campbell got it right. Christian filmmakers must continue to make religious films, which are low budget films.

“Hollywood makes $ 300 million in movies guys.” Avengers. “$ 300 million and $ 100 million to promote them,” he said.

After:Adoption film with Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo filming in Mansfield

“We don’t have $ 100 million to put the trailers for these movies on every televised sporting event that we see, so we need your support and we need pastors. All the pastors here, remember just that you are working for God and not for the government, ”Sorbo said.

He said word of mouth is the only way to make faith films.

“God Is Not Dead,” a $ 2 million film grossed $ 140 million, Sorbo said.

“We couldn’t be on ‘Good Morning America’, we couldn’t be on ‘The Today Show’,” he said. “It’s part of the battle. … Because there was God in it.”

During the evening, Cain gave a message on a video screen, saying he was there filming and directing another movie. It is due to shoot at Mansfield next month.

Longtime radio personality Rusty Cates chats with JCFilms executive team member Kimberly Yeager Miller of Ontario in town for the filming of the Faith Based movie, "SELECTED."Cates hosts a Sunday night gala / fundraiser at the Holiday Inn & Suites.  He is also chosen as a doctor in the film.

Kimberly Yeager Miller from Mansfield and Heather Habura from Akron are part of the JCFilms management team led by Campbell, as instructors, actresses, image consultants and producers. Miller was instrumental in finding locations for the film in and around Mansfield.

A foster care expert speaks out

Dr John DeGarmo of Georgia, a leading international foster care expert, also addressed the crowd, sharing one of the failed adoptions he and his wife endured.

DeGarmo said he never considered or thought about being a foster parent and yet the couple had more than 60 foster families and at one point 11 foster children at the same time. He has devoted his whole life to children in foster care.

A little girl, a foster child, was abducted on Christmas morning from the couple’s home.

He and his wife were in the process of adopting him, but he said the judge said she would be raised by an aunt and uncle in Florida.

DeGarmo received a phone call from the girl at one point, as she was then a child placed in Alabama, asking her to let her come home. He had given her, like every foster child in his home, a family photo, with his name and phone number on the back.

“Her aunt and uncle in Florida, their stepson raped her over and over again …” he said. When she arrived in Alabama, the only thing she had with her was a family photo.

DeGarmo spent five years looking for the girl. He found her in a mental health facility where no one visited her and with cuts all over her body.

In her mind as a child, she was kicked out of his home on Christmas Day, and in her mind, he didn’t come looking for her, he said.

The girl is now 21, pregnant, homeless and has not passed the ninth grade, he said.

“The foster care system has failed my (child’s name) and I will not let this happen again,” he said.



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