Gruesome 2005 comedy sort of found streaming success

Younger audiences might not remember it and probably wouldn’t believe you if you told them, but there was a time when a lot of people thought Chris Klein was about to be a big star.

He was good-looking, charming, and matched the square-jawed All-American model, and he rose to success early on after playing a major role in the hit comedy. american pie, who hit theaters when he was just 20, just three months after playing a substantial supporting role in the acclaimed Alexander Payne film Election.

the long weekend

Signing of an actor title of $ 70 million from the director of Predator and Die hard was a good next move on paper, but John McTiernan Roller made a spectacular box office failure and was ripped apart by critics, which dealt a blow to Klein’s long-term prominent male prospects. However, one of his star vehicles from the mid-2000s is making a big comeback on streaming, after The long weekend increased the list of most viewed HBO Max by 28 places, according to FlixPatrol.

Klein and Brendan Fehr play the brothers Cooper and Ed Waxman, the latter having 48 hours to save his job when his boss gives him an ultimatum. Ed is also single, an issue that Cooper seeks to address, and you can imagine the kind of hijackings that ensue from this point on. The reviews weren’t kind, and a Rotten Tomatoes user rating of 38% out of 10,000+ votes isn’t much of a deal, but HBO Max subscribers don’t seem to get enough.

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