DC’s Batgirl Movie Casting Trans Asian American Female Character

HBO Max’s Batgirl is playing the role of a young Asian-American trans woman, who many believe to be Alysia Yeoh, Barbara’s roommate and ally.

HBO Max Bat girl seeking to caster a trans Asian American woman. Batgirl’s incarnation of Barbara Gordon was introduced in 1961 as the daughter of Gotham City Police Department Commissioner Jim Gordon. Over the years, Barbara has made several live-action appearances. In 1966, the character appears in the film by Adam West Batman TV series, where she was played by actress Yvonne Craig. Later, Alicia Silverstone also played the role in Joel Schumacher’s 1997 Batman and robin movie, but this movie was not as popular. Now Barbara finally has her chance in the unaccompanied spotlight, as a solo film about the character is in development at HBO Max.

Initially, Bat girl was written, directed and produced by Joss Whedon. But he pulled out of the project in 2018, saying he couldn’t come up with a story for the film. Once he’s gone, WB and DC Films have Flash writer Christina Hudson to come up with a new screenplay, while enlisting at the same time Bad boys for life directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, to direct the film. Then, after extensive research and meticulous screening, In the heights actress Leslie Grace was cast for the lead role in July 2021. This week, Bat girl also added The outpostJacob Scipio in an undisclosed role, and now the film is about to complete its supporting cast.

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According to a new casting call that emerged on Throw it talent, Bat girl is looking for an actor to play a mid-20s Asian-American trans woman named Alanna. The description in the post closely matches that of DC Comics character Alysia Yeoh, indicating that Barbara Gordon’s ally will appear in Bat girl. Besides, Bat girl is also looking for an actor to play a younger version of the character, which further indicates the incorporation of several timelines or flashback sequences into the new film.

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Hailed as one of the first major trans characters to appear in mainstream comics, Alysia Yeoh was created by Gail Simone and Ardian Syaf for Batgirl (vol. 4) N ° 1 in 2011. Aspiring chef, Alysia becomes Barbara’s roommate after the latter has left her father’s house. Alysia briefly goes out with Barbara’s brother, but James, after discovering his psychotic behavior, leaves him and becomes an ally of Barbara. In the comics, Barbara chooses not to reveal her true identity to Alysia for her own safety. Still, the two remain friends, and Barbara even introduces herself as the bridesmaid at Alysia’s wedding to Jo, an environmental activist.

Since Bat girl is described as a dark origin story for Barbara, it makes sense that the film would include the characters the protagonist encountered early in his vigilante career. Alysia, for her part, is a fan favorite character of the comics, and her addition to the film elevates the diversity in Bat girl. At this time, it’s not fully confirmed if she’s the character the film is recruiting talent for, but the character description seems to point in that direction, and Alanna seems to be a clever placeholder name as well. At present, Bat girl is set to begin filming next month, so fans should be on the lookout for a potential casting announcement that could drop at any time.

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Source: Cast It Talent

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