Creative Chaos and RallyCry Ventures announce $ 2.5 million forgivable loan program for pre-product startups to help them cope with the COVID cash flow crisis

BOSTON, Aug 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / – As the founders of pre-product startups struggle to raise capital due to the COVID pandemic, Creative Chaos, a leading innovation delivery agency with RallyCry Ventures, a Pre-Seed VC, launched an MVP Funding Program to help founders build their ideas during these tough times.

“We believe that startups born into this crisis will be more resilient and focus on building viable businesses compared to those funded with a ‘burn money to grow’ mindset,” said Umair Aziz, Managing Director of RallyCry Ventures. “Now is the time to support great ideas and resilient founders.”

The MVP funding program will allow Creative Chaos to provide selected startups up to $ 150,000 in the form of an interest-free loan. The loan is canceled if the startup is unable to raise additional funds within 24 months. In addition, RallyCry Ventures will invest $ 50,000 or more against a standard convertible note.

“We have seen a lot of ideas from scene founders come to us over the last few months who are unable to build their MVP because fundraising has been difficult in these times. Our partnership with RallyCry will allow these founders to fund development. of their product without compromising quality or giving up too much fairness, ”said Shakir Hussein, CEO of Creative Chaos.

Creative Chaos is accepting applications on its website starting today at

About Creative Chaos:
Creative Chaos has been providing technological innovations to startups and businesses for over 20 years. Driven by its mission to help entrepreneurs build the future, the company offers its innovative capabilities to its customers around the world. Their core services include experience design, agile development, and devOps. Creative Chaos is headquartered at San Francisco, California with offices in Boston, MA.

About RallyCry Ventures:
RallyCry Ventures is an idea stage VC. We invest in ideas and want to be the first investors in a startup before outside capital is raised. Our Rally to MVP process brings better capital, builds investor confidence, and gets products to market faster. We invest, solve and succeed as a team. We come together. RallyCry Ventures is headquartered at Boston, MA.

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