BJP leaders report easy Rs10K loan scheme for street vendors: The Tribune India

Deepkamal Kaur

Tribune press service

Jalandhar, February 1

Most BJP advisers and leaders are unhappy that PM Street Vendor’s AtmaNirbhar Nidhi (PM SVANidhi) program to empower street vendors by providing them with unsecured working capital loans of up to $ 10 000 Rs for a one year term was not properly processed. .

The program was rolled out under Atmanirbhar Bharat with a target given to the Jalandhar Municipal Corporation to cover at least 10,000 beneficiaries.

Even though the MC authorities claim to have exceeded the target and already covered 16,000 beneficiaries, several advisers and leaders of the BJP were crying a hoax. They said only a few advisers were allowed to organize camps in their areas and register their workers, thus escaping the real beneficiaries.

Former BJP MP KD Bhandari said: “The scheme has been misused by the Jalandhar MC. They have a proper list of street vendors in town. Ideally, they should have called them and offered it to those who were interested in taking it. Instead, members of Congress organized camps at their personal offices and provided loans to their supporters. This loan being without any bank guarantee, we even doubt that half of them will not repay it. We are in the process of submitting a memorandum to the governor.

The camps were organized in the areas of Congress Counselor Rajni Bahri in Qila Mohalla and in Ward No 48 of Rajwinder Raja. But some congressional advisers were unhappy because no camps were held in the neighborhoods.

Congressman Nirmaljit Singh Nimma said: “No camp has been organized in my area so far. Only the selected advisers were allowed to offer the program.

Varesh Mintu, who was one of the BJP advisers lucky to be able to organize a camp in his area, said: “About 122 beneficiaries came to apply for a loan in my area. The next day there were more applicants and when I brought up their case with the MC managers I was told that they had already achieved their goal and that they might not be able to provide assistance. ‘aid.

Akali advisor Jaspal Kaur said: “The program has not yet been offered in my area.” Vipan Kumar, former councilor for the Abadpura region, said: “There are so many street vendors in my area who were unable to benefit from the program.

Even Cong advisers say beneficiaries in their areas are not registered

About PM SVANidhi

Under the aegis of Atmanirbhar Bharat, the Center announced in June last year a Covid-19 relief program for street vendors and small businessmen in order to benefit from an easy loan of 10,000. Rupees in order to overcome the hard times as they had negligible income during the foreclosure. The program was rolled out through the MC and practically started just two months ago. Beneficiaries had to provide their Aadhar card and their bank details. No collateral was required to qualify for the loan, which can be repaid in monthly installments of Rs 300 to Rs 400.

The official speech

“We recorded 12,014 street vendors during our survey in 2015-16. We were all expecting them, but they didn’t show up. Thus, we have organized camps in our zone offices. During the last 15 days we have organized camps which have helped us achieve the goal. Out of nearly 16,000 people registered, we disbursed loans to nearly 800 applicants. The other files are in progress. Dr Nirmaljeet Kaur, Project Manager, MC

“We tried to be as fair as possible. Our teams went to groups of street vendors to offer the program. We even advertised it.” – Jagdish Raj Raja, mayor

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