Best Horror Movie Shots Add Your Own

Best Horror Movie Shots Add Your Own
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There is absolutely nothing better than watching a movie and being blown away by its centerpiece – like, when you see this shot which is so perfect, it feels like it belongs in a museum.

And a lot of those perfect moments come straight from the scariest movies, so what shot from a horror movie takes your breath away?

Perhaps the simplicity of this bathroom turned into The brilliant was so perfect because it made you anticipate all the horror that was about to unfold.

Or maybe you’ve never seen a cliché expressing so much anxiety, chaos and satisfaction than this. Environment We did it.

Or maybe the contrast between Laurie Strode’s face and Michael Myers’ mask in Halloween is absolutely breathtaking, and you’ve never been so fascinated by a horror movie since.

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Anyway, we want to know! Tell us which single shot from a horror movie is so perfect, it deserves an award and why. The best answers will be included in a BuzzFeed Community Publish.

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