AMC Theaters Hold Surprise Horror Movie Screenings Throughout October

If you’re up to bet on the movie you’re about to see, AMC Theaters have announced their “Thrills & Chills” campaign which will give moviegoers the chance to see classic horror movies and even new releases for just The catch is, you don’t know what you’re buying a ticket for at the time. Nine “surprise screenings” will take place at the channel throughout the month of October. In an official descriptor, AMC writes, “AMC Thrills & Chills brings the best of horror and suspense to our theaters. Films under this banner come from a variety of styles, budgets, genres, and corners of the world, but they all share one thing: a desire to explore the things that scare us the most. ”The schedule includes :

  • Friday October 1 – 1 HR 40 Min. To classify
  • Wednesday October 6 – 1 HR 58 Min Uncategorized
  • Friday October 8 – 1 HR 46 Min Coté R
  • Wednesday October 13 – 1 HR 44 Min Coté R
  • Friday October 15 – 1 HR 56 Min Rated R
  • Wednesday October 20 – 1 HR 36 Min Coté R
  • Friday October 22 – 1 HR 25 Min Coté R
  • Wednesday October 27 – 2 HR 22 Min Rated R
  • Friday October 29 – 2 HR 49 Min Rated R

Let’s take a few guesses about it. The last night, Friday, October 29, is almost certainly IT: Chapter Two as well. Very few horror movies are as long as the Warner Bros. sequel. and the runtime of 2 hours and 49 minutes matches the length of the 2019 feature film.

The Friday October 8 screening looks like a great opportunity for Halloween Kills to be screened early. The web page for Thrills and chills specifically mentions “surprise screenings of new products” and this screening is aligned one week before the official release of Halloween kills, it also has the same runtime as the highly anticipated sequel.

“David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have created an intense and brutal second wave of their 2018 HALLOWEEN masterpiece @halloweenmovie,” Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis revealed on Instagram earlier this year. “They were premonitory in the 2018 film about how much trauma that was being acknowledged, mostly by the #metoo movement that collided with Laurie’s 40-year-old trauma and now they were ahead of the curve again. amount of rage we have all seen and felt in 2020. WE ARE ALL CRAZY LIKE HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! Another brilliant chapter in the ultimate story of good versus evil, Laurie versus Michael. Merry Halloween See you ALL in the ROOMS in October!

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