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Hot humid american summer is a camp comedy about the shenanigans that occur on the last day of summer camp. Even though the film failed on its initial release in 2001, it found a cult following that included two Netflix series 14 years later.

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Created by David Wain and Michael Showalter, Hot humid american summer knows exactly what kind of comedy it is because he never takes himself too seriously. With a collective cast of future comedy stars and an Oscar winner, the film is filled with hilarious one-liners and memorable quotes. Whether it’s the perfect excuse for Andy’s breakup or one of Gene’s personal jokes, the camp satire continues to make fans laugh.


When Beth reminds McKinely about the kids

“There are lower campers stuck in the ropes course. I wanted to tell you about it yesterday, but could you do it now? “

Beth at camp

From the start, it’s clear that Camp Firewood’s counselors are terrible at their jobs. They are, after all, self-indulgent teenagers. But it’s surprising that the camp director, played by Janeane Garofalo, is also bad at what she does.

It is obvious when, during a meeting with the animators, she mentions that there are children stuck in the rope course. The fact that the kids were trapped for a day seems cruel, but at Camp Firewood it makes sense. It’s also in the way Garofalo delivers the line so casually that makes the moment stand out.

When Susie shows her disgust at musical auditions

“I feel like I’m watching regional theater.”

Susie watches a camper in Wet Hot American Summer.

The same year Amy Poehler joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, she joined the collective cast of this camp comedy. Alongside future star Bradley Cooper, the two play very enthusiastic theater kids who decide to put on a musical performance at the talent show.

One of the many fun racing gags in Hot humid american summer this is how Susie and Ben invested in their musical art. Poehler has a lot of hilarious lines regarding the musical spectacle, including when she has a temper tantrum in front of Beth, but it’s her line of regional theater during the auditions scene that stands out the most.

When Andy tells Lindsay it’s over

“You taste like a hamburger. I don’t love you anymore.”

Andy and Lindsay stand

Andy, played by Paul Rudd, is the cool camp counselor who always seems to have a temper tantrum, a true ladies’ man, he’s more concerned with romance of women than caring for children. Halfway through the film, during one of his many makeup sessions with Lindsay, Andy abruptly stops and lets out the best reason for breaking up with someone.

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Rudd’s facial expression as he delivers the line is executed flawlessly, making his performance one of his best supporting roles. The scene that follows, where he takes another child somewhere and leaves him by the side of the road, is absolutely priceless.

When Beth gets frantic

” The phone ! The phone ! Where’s the fucking phone? “

Beth and Neil are looking for the phone

The last day of camp is drawing to a close, and with most of the camp taken up with the talent show, a group of children are about to cross a canyon. Victor, the only one who could read a map, let the children return to camp. Neil, the other manager, let the children find Victor.

Time is running out, and in one of the movie’s most ridiculous moments, Beth and Neil fall apart. The quick shots of the two characters’ shockingly over-the-top performances, as well as the children slowly reaching the cliff, are genius. Everything about this scene, from Neil causing damage to Beth screaming on the phone, is sheer nonsense, and that’s the beauty of the movie.

Gene and his many unfiltered moments

“Now put an end to the tattoo artists. I’m going to stroke my sweaters. “

gene in the kitchen

Christopher Meloni is better known as Detective Stabler on Law And Order: Special Victims Assistance Unit. But in Hot humid american summer, Meloni plays Gene, the camp cook. He delivers some of the best lines of the Vietnamese vet who tends to blurt out his weird desires to anyone who is willing to listen to him.

In one of those moments, Gary is peeling potatoes when Gene appears behind him. After delivering a few sarcastic comments, Gene utters this line. Of course, that’s not what he means and Gary quickly calls out to him. The way Gene tries to get back from that line is one of the many reasons Meloni’s character is hilarious and memorable.

When Keith spins an insult

“Showers are hygiene products. I take that as a compliment.

Keith with a cape

While most of the comedy comes from the main cast of the Camp Counselors, a few fun lines are delivered by the kids. One of those memorable lines is that of Keith Stat of Millburn, New Jersey, the Dungeons & Dragons Master.

During breakfast, Keith, who is wearing a cape, waltzes to one of the girls’ tables and confidently flirts with them. He asks if any of them would like to play D & D and glances at Alexa, who cast a level 5 charm spell on him. When she calls him an asshole, Keith comes back with this line. Keith pulling up his glasses and walking away as confident as before brings out the scene.

After the return of the monitors from the city camp

“It’s always fun to get away from the camp, even for an hour.”

McKinley riding in the car

One of the film’s most absurd scenes takes place halfway through when Beth and some of the camp counselors make their way to town. When Beth wants to impress Henry by going to the library to do some astrophysical research, Coop, Susie, McKinley, JJ, and Katie follow.

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The outing looks enjoyable, with the advisers picking up ice cream and stuffing their faces with fries, but it quickly turns into a dark quest for drugs. JJ and Beth rob an old lady, Coop and Katie buy cocaine in an alleyway and it escalates from there. It’s disturbing, but it all fades as the gang recoils in laughter. This line from McKinely makes the whole edit even more outrageous.

The group discusses when to meet again

“Why not make it 9:30 am and make it your beeswax to be here at 9:30 am?” “

McKinley with his hand on his hips

Netflix has released two original series in the Hot humid american summer universe: First day of camp and Ten years after. The second title of the film relates to a joke delivered in the first feature film.

The camp leaders get together and have the idea of ​​meeting again in 10 years to see what has become of all of them. What follows is a silly and fun chat about when they should meet. Coop says 9:00 am and McKinely does 9:30 am because he already has plans. It’s ridiculous and yet fits the absurdity of the film. The post-credit scene shows a clip of what this future reunion looks like, with JJ late.

When Victor’s song is interrupted

“In the morning when I wake up … Oh damn!”

Victor driving the van

Victor is obsessed with sex, although it is later revealed that he is in fact a virgin. When he’s forced to take a group of kids rafting a two-hour drive away on the last day of camp, he’s visibly upset, especially when Abby, another instructor, wants to hang out with him. A few seconds after dropping off the kids and Neil, he decides to come back and find Abby.

Everything seems normal as Victor returns and sings on the radio. His song is interrupted by something in the road, causing Victor to crash into the tree. As Victor sings the song, his curse halfway through the lyrics makes the moment genuinely funny and will remind any fan of the scene every time “Danny Song” is on the radio.

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