‘1921’ commemorative film set to hit the box office on CPC’s 100th anniversary

Group photo for the 1921 film Photo: Courtesy of Tencent

After the previews launched on Friday, 1921, a film celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has given indications that it will be a huge summer blockbuster in China. The film’s rather relaxed narration should attract more young Chinese, say film critics who have seen the film.

The box office of pre-sales and previews topped 60 million yuan ($ 9.3 million) on Sunday afternoon, according to ticketing platform Taopiaopiao, with 20 million yuan earned for pre-sales alone. -Saturday screenings.

Directed by Huang Jianxin, the producer of Bodyguards and assassins and also member of the jury of the Shanghai International Film Festival 2021, 1921 is expected to be released on Thursday. Screening events have started in many major Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou in eastern China’s Zhejiang province.

The film is set to hit theaters in Hong Kong on July 6.

The majority of the over 100 movie critics who rated the film gave it a high rating of 9/10 or higher.

With mainland Chinese actress Ni Ni, who rose to fame for her role in The Flowers Of War in 2011, and other young actors popular among Chinese youth, 1921 tells the story of Chinese youth who gathered in Shanghai to found the CCP on July 1 1921.

Many movie critics have stated that the portrayal of the film’s story is “extremely” different from that of previous Chinese historical films. “1921 succeeded in portraying these well-known figures as living creatures rather than rigid historical images, ”said a reviewer on Sina Weibo.

A movie buff surnamed Wu in Beijing told the Global Times on Sunday that 1921 was the only movie she’s been looking forward to in the last few days and can’t wait to see it now that the pre-screenings have started.

“By telling a story of the CCP rather than just presenting its story, 1921 will definitely be accepted by more young Chinese, ”another film reviewer posted on Sina Weibo.

“He invokes public empathy by presenting many personal details of these well-known historical figures.”

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