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Loan interest rate set by law at a maximum of 10%

Credit providers are now like sand at the sea. The Good Finance industry is also facing strong competition. Unfortunately, there are also many sharks that attract customers with low prices, false interest rates, and promises. The Internet has played a major role in spreading false information.

The award of cheap Good Finances is possible. However, many factors play a major role. The definitive interest rate is tied to strict legal rules by the consumer credit law and is ultimately only set by the Good Finance Institute.

The loan interest rate set by law at a maximum of 10%

The loan interest rate set by law at a maximum of 10%

Good Finance advertises on the Internet with incredibly low-interest rates. In Switzerland, however, the interest rate for a personal loan cannot be set arbitrarily. The maximum interest rate of 10% applies since July 1, 2016. The Federal Council lowered the maximum interest rate for a personal loan. The Good Finance rate used to be a maximum of 15%.

The interest rate is determined based on income, expenses, creditworthiness (payment history) and other outstanding debts (mortgage, Good Finance card, etc.). This is called personal budgeting. The budget is calculated internally by the Good Finance Institute based on your information and checked.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with Good Finance institutions, we can now offer interest rates as low as 4.5%. This low-interest rate is tied to clear rules and is not set by us. However, professional advice can be helpful in making an assessment.

About us – recognized Good Finance mediators in Switzerland


As officially recognized Good Finance brokers, our experts have been working in the Swiss personal loan sector for over 30 years. These many years of experience are particularly helpful when assessing individual customer cases and different types of Good Finance. After receipt of the Good Finance request and receipt of all necessary documents, we can already make an initial assessment of a possible interest rate.

Optimally encrypted website for secure Good Finance request

Our new website is programmed with modern encryption. That means we do our best to protect your personal data. We also promise nothing but professional advice. We aim for the best possible Good Finance offer for you. Contact us for individual advice. Our team of experts is at your disposal for clarifying open questions. You can use our Good Finance calculator to calculate any costs.

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